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On arrival, we ensure that all product is accounted for using our custom built software. Every device is tagged and prepped for processing.


Our highly trained technicians individually test every aspect and function of the devices we receive to ensure full functionality. During testing the phones are wiped of all pre-existing data and reset to factory settings.


Each device is individually cleaned to remove all residue and dirt. It is then individually packed ensuring it does not get damaged during shipping and arrives to the recipient safely.


Let us create a shipping label or simply send us one! We primarily ship using FedEx Express to ensure a speedy and safe arrival of all packages.

Ara Global Group

Our Grading Process

We prides ourselves on meticulous quality control, top of the line customer service, and an adaptive and progressive company culture. We do all it takes to ensure that tomorrow is a better day for both our client and for our team. We partner with manufacturers, operators, distributors, service centers, and retailers to create relationships and business opportunities. Our experience in wholesale distribution has led us to have a presence in many major markets, with a global outreach to more than 80 different countries.

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Grades & Definitions

With consistency being a key term for us, we understand how essential it is to receive consistent, and accurately graded cell phones in a timely manner.

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Ara Global Group Grading Scale – Publicly Defined, Accurately Offered.

We understand how crucial accurate grading is when it comes to placing an order and ensuring your profit. We publicly defined our grading scale so you know exactly what you are getting based on whatever grade you decide to purchase.

Grade A

Like new cosmetic condition, all key functional tests cleared via diagnostic software. The phone does not show any major signs of use.

Grade B

Light wear and tear cosmetics, all key functional tests cleared via diagnostic software. The phone shows minor signs of use, may contain several small scratches on screen and/or light minor scuffs on housing. The phone shows minor signs of use.

Grade BX

Grade B variation with more aggressive wear and tear on the screen. All key functional tests cleared via diagnostic software. Housings will remain in A or B grade condition while the screen may contain numerous scratches, light and/or heavy.

Grade C

More aggressive wear and tear. all key functional tests cleared via diagnostic software. The phone will show more aggressive signs of use. This is a heavier used phone, may contain deep scratches on screen and/or housing. The housing may contain numerous scuffs and/or dents.

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